6 - 9
JUNE 2019



EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair created to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designer.


EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair created to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designers.
It focuses on the rise of the designer-maker who is at the forefront of a movement that is challenging the traditional chain of production and distribution.

EDIT Napoli selects a specific group of international, independent producers, craftsmen and enlightened manufacturers, emerging as an autonomous force in contemporary design.

Welcome to EDIT, welcome to Napoli


We are looking for designers, design studios, manufacturers, artisans and producers with practices rooted in making. The exhibition will be held in Palazzo Mondragone - Naples June 2019 - aiming to forge partnerships between the designers and the thought leaders of the design world with a strong focus on international buyers and retailers.
You are EDIT Napoli if you value quality over quantity.
The emphasis is on the process and the use and application of materials. The collection is produced on a small-scale but could be suitable for industrial production.
The pieces are not in limited editions and they are not prototypes.
We nurture authenticity and uniqueness.



The Residency program of EDIT Napoli is fully committed to the territory and its heritage.
It recognizes and protects the importance of the local traditions. The program connects international designers with traditional Italian artisans for a full month of collaborative living and making.
Hand in hand they will produce a collection of unique pieces conceived by bridging different knowledge, local with global, past and present, ownership and authorship.
The Residency of EDIT Napoli is proposing a new land of possibilities for the future of historical craftsmanship.

Our first three designers have been selected for the launch of the program, starting September 2018.
The outcome of their creative journey will be produced under the label Made in EDIT and commercialized and presented at EDIT Napoli.

Supported by

Faberhama with
De Negri & Za.Ma

San Leucio

In the city of San Leucio the tradition of silk weaving goes back to King Ferdinando IV of Bourbon and memories of utopian socialism. The family De Negri is part of that heritage and has been producing silk there since 1790. Faberhama, an Italian duo based in Amsterdam, investigate traditions as a source of knowledge for a valuable future.

Faberhama with De Negri & Za.Ma

Khaled El Mays with Artisans From Quartieri


Quartieri Spagnoli, a central working class neighbourhood, has a deeply rich history in the art of leather and iron making. Khaled El Mays arrives to Naples from Beirut, Lebanon. His design practice pays close attention to the material and celebrate the importance of the process.

Khaled El Mays with Guantai della Sanità

Reinaldo Sanguino with ceramiche Fes


Minori is a city on the Amalfi Coast and the center of a bright tradition of expressive ceramic craft. Venezuelan-born and NY based designer Reinaldo Sanguino, known for his bold and gestural use of colour will get his hands dirty in the vibrant laboratory of Ceramiche Fes.

Faberhama with De Negri & Za.Ma


Napoli is a choice.
It generates creative energy from its extremes and contradictions.
It’s a place of undisciplined visionaries, navigating life with pasion and individuality.
It’s a source of sensory inspiration and a Mediterranean capital in the international circuit of culture.
Napoli can create impossible links between people and stories where anything can happen.
Greetings from Naples.

6-9 JUNE 2019

Piazzetta Mondragone 18 | 80132 Napoli




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