ART. 1

The purpose of this regulation is to identify the conditions and procedures for selection and participation in EDIT Napoli, which will take place in Naples from the 5th to the 7th of June 2020, opening by invitation on the 4th of June 2020.In this context, EDIT Napoli will offer all exhibitors the opportunity to showcase theirproducts in a carefully designated space designed to facilitate liaison with national andinternational buyers. Specifically, EDIT Napoli offers the following services at its own expense:

• Exhibition space: 10 or 15 sqm; It’s possible to choose 5 mq for small size objects
• Lighting system
• Designer / brand name in the dedicated area with font “EDIT Napoli”
• Photographic reportage
• Digital invitations and mailing list management
• Event logistic support
• Promotion of the initiative through EDIT Napoli media channels
• Insurance of the exhibition space (theft and damage)

ART. 2

EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designers. EDIT Napoli focuses exclusively on the rise of the designer-maker, who is at the forefront of a movement challenging the traditional chain of production and distribution, and emerges as a powerful and autonomous force. The EDIT Napoli curatorial team will select the exhibitors and evaluate the participation requests according to the characteristics of the design products presented by the candidate and their suitability in order to safeguard the integrity of the event. EDIT Napoli will communicate the outcome of the evaluation of the application no later than 20th January 2020, by means of an official email.

In order to proceed with the selection, each candidate must provide the following information:

• Brand name
• Product typology
• Website
• Designer (if not specified by the brand)
• Product portfolio with indications of prices
• Delivery timing of the ordered products
• Workpiece run limits per year (if any)
• Previous fair’s participations
• Existing sales channels (dealers, shops, online platforms, etc.)
• Contacts (email, phone, address)

ART. 3
please send an email to joinus@editnapoli.com to receive the file.

ART. 4

The exhibitor assumes the express responsibility to take care of his promotional material (i.e. brochures, business cards, price list, etc.); as well as the transport, the preparationand the dismantling-removal of the contents of the exhibition space. The exhibitor is obliged to complete his/her stand by no later than 4th June 2020 at 12 pm, and acknowledges that he/she will be able to begin installation from the 2nd of June 2020.

ART. 5

EDIT Napoli retains the right to use images produced during the event to create advertising material linked to the promotion of the event itself; as well as exercising the right to use the name of the selected exhibitors for potential promotional campaigns on social networks [including, but not limited to: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and www.editnapoli.com].
With this purpose, the brand undertakes to provide EDIT Napoli with support material upon request within 15 days. EDIT Napoli expressly reserves the right to combine the initiative with a sponsorship activity, and to remain as the exclusive right holder of the event. The sponsor logo may be present in any place related to the event or in any initiative for the promotion of the event itself (i.e. on posters, on potential tabular advertising in newspapers and magazines of the sector, on any documentation related to the event, press conferences and the related initiatives, as well as on all promotional and advertising material, posters, invitations, coupons, press folders, promo projection before the event, etc.)
Moreover, EDIT Napoli offers support services for the promotion and distribution of portfolio products with processes, costs and times that may be goverened by a separate contractual relationship, as this activity is excluded from the services offered by joining the EDIT Napoli event on 5 -6 -7 June 2020 (opening by invitation on the 4th of June 2020)

ART. 6

The selected exhibitors authorize EDIT Napoli to take photos, audio and/or video footage, and use them exclusively and without time and/or territorial restrictions in the promotional channels linked to the initiative, by giving full consent to the possible use of their image, as the fair represents a public event.

ART. 7

Should the exhibitor deem to cancel his/her participation he/she must communicate it, in writing by registered letter to the registered office of Tide srl Via Starza 41, Sant’ Agata De’ Goti by no later than 26th April 2020. Any advances paid will be retained by Tide srl as penalty for compensation for damages suffered.

ART. 8

In the event of any dispute arising between the parties, the exhibitor expressly declares and accepts that the court of exclusive jurisdiction will be the Civil Court of Rome.

ART. 9

EDIT Napoli is a trade fair that features design exhibitors as its counterparts, who are considered to be professionals in the sector. It does not expressly target consumers and therefore, the special consumer discipline is not applicable.

Team EDIT Napoli